Who wants to go to the Nati to catch and eat an 8-pounder?

A snip take from a Cincinnati pizza restaurant's home pagei

Down here in Gulfport, Mississippi, where the Gulf of Mexico is about 35 miles south of our shores and the Mississippi Sound is a whole lot closer as a beach view, asking a friend if they want to catch and eat an 8-pounder would have a lot to do with fishing.

We suppose a couple of 8-pound flounders, also known as flatties, would be nice catches, but we don’t like to go fishing, though we like to eat fish.

We really like to eat pizza, and we would really, really like to drive 765 miles to Cincinnati to feast on the Bronx Bomber at the New York-style Roc-A-Fellas Pizza in Sharonville, Ohio. The Bronx Bomber is an 8-pound, 18-inch stuffed pizza filled with bacon, ham, mozzarella, sausage, pepperoni and sauce that are between two crusts, as partially seen in the image we snipped from the home page of the Rock-A-Fellas website.

We would want just one or two 1-pound Bronx Bomber slices and a fountain drink and take home the Bomber leftovers. We wouldn’t want to tackle the Bomber Challenge, where you and a friend have 30 minutes to eat the whole thing. We wouldn’t want to stuff our faces. We would only want all the stuff in one slice or two and the leftovers.

Of course, we would love it if we beat the Bomber because we would win T-shirts, have our names on the Roc-A-Fellas Wall of Fame and the Bomber would be on the house.

So who wants to go with us for a Bomber slice or two and the leftovers? We want to know because we have to call ahead (513-769-3128 is the number) and give the Fellas a one-hour notice.

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