A taste of Chicago. Any guesses?


The slice you see in the picture is from a frozen pizza I bought at Whole Foods in Mandeville, La., last week.

The brand-name pizza was a taste of Chicago, a really, really good one at that, and it’s probably my last pizza in 2020 because I try to limit myself to one pizza every two or three weeks. Diet and cholesterol are the reasons for the regimen.

I paid $10.99 for a sausage and pepperoni and brought it home. It was the first time in quite a few years I had the brand-name pizza, mainly because the Winn-Dixie in Gulfport stopped carrying it.

I encourage you to take a guess at the brand name of this pizza. Who knows. If I stay in the Christmas spirit, I may give you a pizza present.

I’ll take any and all answers

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