At the new Adolfo’s in Gulfport, crust never sleeps


Crust never sleeps.

I came up with that play-on-words gem. I’ll try to explain it later.

It reminds me of “Rust Never Sleeps,” the live album Neil Young and Crazy Horse released in 1979.

I thought of “crust never sleeps” after I thoroughly enjoyed my takeout from the new Adolfo’s Pizzeria on Cowan Road in Gulfport on Friday, 7-24-20.

I believe the restaurant has just one pizza size and I got a pepperoni with double cheese. The size doesn’t matter to me as long as the pizza is really good.

I usually get a large or extra-large from other pizza places. The Adolfo’s wasn’t close to large and I had no problem with that. The pizza was very, very good.

The slices were a robust thin. The crust had a nice crispness with a little char on the bottom. It was really tasty, so much so I felt like I didn’t need the toppings.

Adolfo’s crust never sleeps because it’s always working hard to please customers such as me. It’s woke 24/7, just like the dough it comes from.

The cheese was buttery and the pepperoni was superb. There was no red sauce. I guess you have to request it.

It’s the first time I’ve ever had sauceless pizza and maybe I’ll try it a second, third or fourth time. It makes the flavors pop out and stand out. You know, marinara can get in the way of other ingredients from time to time.

Aldolfo’s is in the strip-mall space that became vacant after Sarducci’s moved downtown.

The next time I get another Adolfo’s pizza, I’ll come up with “live crust.”

That’s one more Neil Young-inspired pizza pun. Perhaps in my next post, I’ll try to clarify it.

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