Would you give the brother some extra cheese on my 154-cheese pizza?


My bachelor friend tries to impress women with what he thinks is his own original idea.

When he buys a frozen pizza, he also gets a package of provolone cheese, and when he gets home, he will open the box of frozen pizza and the package of cheese, placing slices of provolone on the pizza before putting it in the oven.

And once the pizza is ready to serve, he will tell his woman friend, “There you go. A pizza with double cheese.”

I tell this because today, Tuesday, 2-9-21, is National Pizza Day, and to observe the occasion, people are tweeting about the 111-cheese pizza that set a world record in 2018.

Mirko Gazzarri and Andrea Pellegrini created it at Vadoli Pizzeria in Berlin.

Guinness, which certified the record, said the pizza’s “melted toppings included a mixture of classic and specialty cheeses, such as mozzarella, Emmental, red Leicester, Comté and Raclette de Chèvre.”

Can someone please tell me about Emmental, Leicester, Comté and Raclette de Chèvre? Thank you.

But on this special day, people need to be tweeting about an even cheesier pizza and I’ll be the first to do so.

Johnny Di Francesco of 400 Gradi, a restaurant in Melbourne, Australia, made a 154-cheese pizza in 2019 to break the Guinness record of 111, though I can’t find video evidence of Di Francesco’s feat.

The 154-cheese pizza included gorgonzola, pecorino, Taleggio, aged cheddar and gouda.

Can someone please tell me about pecorino and Taleggio? Thank you.

Imagine young Mr. Johnny serving you one of those babies and you tell him, “Would you give the brother some extra cheese?”

Image credit: Canva

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