What is your favorite Hunt Brothers pizza?


Many convenience stores on the Mississippi Coast are purveyors of Hunt Brothers pizza, but I’ve never had one and I doubt I ever will.

A lot of slices just stay on display at the stores, places known as c-stores in the convenience industry.

Slices are left over, uneaten or never bought. How inconvenient.

I have questions about hold time, freshness and artificial spices, colors and preservatives.

I’m eager to hear from Hunt Brothers fans. The brand has distinctive signage and delivery vehicles. How good is the pizza? What is your favorite?

I went to the Hunt Brothers website to look at the menu, from where I made screenshots of their featured pizzas.

Hunt Brothers fans, which of these pizzas do you enjoy bringing home?

This is the second Give Pizza A Chance post about Hunt Brothers and you’re welcome to go right here to read the first one, which I wrote last year when I had an irrational fear of going anywhere because of widespread covid pandemic panic.

Now that I’m masked up and vaxxed up, I have the courage to face The Covid Reaper with my road trips, restaurant trips and store trips.

How are you doing? I look forward to receiving your comments.

About the featured image: A delivery at the Broadmoor neighborhood store on the corner of 19th Street and Kelly Avenue in Gulfport, Miss. Photo by John Bialas on 4-28-21 at 350 pm.

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