Hunt Brothers Pizza comes to the hood


It’s always exciting when something new comes to our Broadmoor neighborhood in Gulfport, Miss., and the latest is the addition of Hunt Brothers Pizza at the Neighborhood Mini Mart on the corner of Kelly Avenue and 19th Street.

This means while you’re in the store looking for patchouli and pints, you can also check out the pizza from the family-owned brand with more than 7,800 locations in 30 states.

The Hunt Brothers Pizza sign is up at the Neighborhood Mini Mart, the store that is in the featured image at the top of this post.

The menu on the Hunt Brothers website features original crust, thin crust, double cheese, Hunk A Pizza (one quarter of a large 12-inch pizza), Lotsa Meat Pizza, Veggie Pizza, Breakfast Pizza and Loaded Pizza.

Loaded is a keyword in our hood, because on the corner, I see day drinkers all the time who look double loaded.

I’m not one the mart’s regulars and perhaps I was flippant with the use of “always exciting” in the first sentence of this fine piece of quality food writing.

On my daily walk down to the beach, I just happen to go past the place and I observe what’s happening there. Based on what I’ve seen, such as medics treating the passed-out and patrol cars flashing their blue lights, I want to reach into my pockets to pull out my blinders.

I’m staying away from pizza during the coronavirus pandemic because I don’t like covid takeout and I don’t care for covid delivery, so it will be a while before I consider trying Hunt Brothers.


You know, it would be my bad luck, no matter where I ordered from, that a smiley guy like the one above would handle my pizza and I’m in no mood for happy right now.

My friend, Bubba Boudreaux, who lives in Saucier, said his wife picked up their first-ever Hunt Brothers pizza at a Highway 53 convenience store off Highway 49 a few weeks ago and he texted “it was not bad. The crust was pretty good. It had a good flavor.”

That’s Bubba and Mrs. Bubba’s pizza box and their pizza, apparently pepperoni, in the two photos directly above this text, and though Bubba didn’t name the place, I figured things out and drove up there to take a picture of the store’s sign, which is directly below this text.

I would prefer to go to Stop ‘n Geaux, which is 18 miles from my house, because it’s nicer and newer than the store in my hood, which is just five blocks from where I live.

The Keith’s convenience store in Pass Christian also carries Hunt Brothers, and I took a picture of the impressive display when I made a pit stop on my way back from a Bay St. Louis day trip.

I wrote the words “pit stop” on purpose because Hunt Brothers has a strong association with NASCAR. Kevin Harvick is the Hunt Brothers driver. No, he doesn’t deliver pizza. He races on tracks nationwide.

Keith’s has a display of Harvick’s likeness inside its Pass store.

I think that’s Kevin Harvick. I get him confused with Denny Hamlin and Matt Kenseth and I have no explanation at all.

I was tempted to get a Hunk A Pizza, but buying one would go against my self-imposed corona takeout rules.

For the foreseeable future, I’ll be obsessed with imaginary pandemic pizza ingredients: Panic and extra paranoia.

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