Oh, baby. Check out this store’s king cake hub.


I always enjoy making day trips to the New Orleans Northshore, even though my daughter and her family moved from there last summer, and my latest was all about checking out the new Fat Boy’s in Covington and then shopping for king cakes.

I looked at the Fat Boy’s pizza box containing my order of pepperoni with extra cheese and I heard the excited Tony Romo earworm: “There it is, Jim!”

Fat Boy’s lived up to my huge expectations, but I will wait to write a post about the restaurant because I choose to write about my other favorite dough: the king cake kind.

After I left Fat Boy’s with my takeout, I went right to Acquistapace’s Supermarket in downtown Covington because of its impressive selection of king cakes near the deli counter.

I believe the store makes its own king cakes, but its version of a king cake hub offers a variety of sizes and flavors from some of the most popular bakeries in Greater New Orleans:

The Caluda’s boxes come with a sense of artful humor.

I picked up a Caluda’s cream cheese, my first, and a Randazzo’s traditional, a family favorite, and then saw an unusual king cake that would be too healthy for me.

Eat Fit is a nonprofit initiative of Ochsner Health and its king cake is for people looking to lose weight, feel better or manage diabetes, cholesterol or high blood pressure.

I assume Ochsner would disapprove pouring Old Tyme King Cake Syrup and Gambino’s King Cake Rum Cream on your Eat Fit, but they’re in the hub if you want them.

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