What was your last pizza in 2019?


I had a hankering for Little Caesars on Friday, Dec. 27, at 6 p.m. after its TV ad for free Crazy Bread lured me to its website to place an order.

The only way to get free Crazy Bread was to use an online coupon code, so on the Little Caesars site, I entered the Transfer Portal or the Concussion Protocol or something like that.

Man, I am cornfused, a humorous word the fine folks in North Mississippi like to use.

Forget what I said about the Transfer Portal or the Concussion Protocol. I chose the site’s Pizza Portal to get an ExtraMostBestest thin-crust pepperoni pizza, a side of marinara (Little Caesars calls it Crazy Sauce) and the free Crazy Bread, and I used my American Express to make the payment. This was the first time I ordered pizza online, so it was a historic moment for me.

Little Caesars sent me an email that included Pizza Portal pickup instructions and here’s a snip of the email, also a historic pizza moment for me:

I picked up my order at the Pizza Portal inside the Little Caesars on Pass Road just west of Hardy Court, which is close to my home, and I was happy with what I got. I’m already looking forward to returning to the heated self-service mobile pickup station because it’s a convenient and different kind of grab and go.

The thin-crust pizza was really good, as was the Crazy Bread, and I enjoyed dipping the square slices into the savory marinara. The locals around here love the tradition of French dressing on pizza, but I have decided that marinara is the new French dressing in the pizza world.

I have always loved French dressing on pizza, going back to when I was a kid in the early ’60s, but it’s a new decade and time for a change, and from now on I will prefer marinara because of the taste and the fact that I will get the extra sauce for my pizza.

If you don’t like thin crust, you can thicken it. Put five or six slices together and fold them, and you have a crispy and delicious pizza sandwich for dipping into a small cup of red sauce.

The Little Caesars thin crust was my last pizza in 2019, and it inspired me to go to social media to ask pizza lovers like myself about their final pizza of the year.

Here are the responses I received:

Michael Bialas: “Rosati’s (not Rosetti’s). Pretty tasty, actually. They call it ‘Chicago Pizza’ and are located across the country (but not in Mississippi). Haven’t tried the Deep Dish yet.

“Got the double dough with Italian sausage and jalapeños in Louisville, CO, just down the road from us.”

Mike is my brother and he and his wife, Carmen, live in Lafayette, Colorado, which is a Denver suburb.

They might be bigger pizza fans than me because I have never heard of getting double dough and now I want the double dough.

I’m glad Mike said the place is called Rosati’s and is not to be confused with Rosetti’s, the classic po-boy restaurant that was on The Point in Biloxi back in the day. I don’t think Rosetti’s ever served pizza, but I’m starting to imagine a Rosetti’s Vancleave Special pizza, the Vancleave being a crabmeat po-boy with cheese.

Mike included a link to the Rosati’s website with his message and I’m happy he shared it.

Todd Kirby: “Went to Brooklyn Pizzeria (in Gulfport) for lunch. Had pepperoni with extra cheese. Dam good pie.”

Tony Schembre: “Lasagna pizza from The Happy Italian (in Harahan, Louisiana). It’s every bit as good as it looks.”

Tony included a picture of the pizza with his message and the photo has motivated me to plan my first trip to The Happy Italian, a New Orleans area restaurant close to the Mississippi River.

Tony’s photo increased the lasagna cravings I’ve had since New Year’s Day, when I saw on Facebook that my daughter made lasagna for her Louisiana family and her Mississippi friend had a about lasagna soup. I would pass up the New Year’s peas for a lucky dinner buffet of lasagna pizza, lasagna soup and good old lasagna.

Paul Hampton: “In honor of Snoopy’s Christmas, ours was a Red Baron.

The reference to Snoopy and Red Baron could be its own story, though I’m unsure if the Peanuts comic-strip character is a fan of the frozen pizza company. Maybe Charlie Brown’s pet beagle would prefer Snoopy Pizza in Italy over Red Baron.

Good grief! If you want pop culture, go to the Peanuts Wiki for the history of Snoopy and the Red Baron, not the pizza but the legendary World War I German flying ace.

Teresa McLaughlin: “Had a delicious pepperoni pizza and a stromboli from Marietta Pizza Company (in the Atlanta area). Great way to end 2019!”

The responses from Mike, Todd, Tony, Paul and Teresa are appreciated, and if you would like to tell me about your final 2019 pizza experience, you are welcome to send me an email with your comments before I pick my first pizza of 2020.

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