How will you celebrate National Pizza Day?

Pizza from Pop's in Biloxi, Miss.


Without even knowing National Pizza Day is Sunday, 2-9-20, I got a jump on it with my favorite takeout order Thursday night.

It was the large meatball pizza with extra cheese and a packet of Catalina dressing from Pop’s Pizzeria in Biloxi.

The pizza was still in the box when I took a picture of it in our kitchen right after I got home, and the photo is the featured image in this post.

I’m more of a French dressing guy when it comes to Biloxi pizza, but Catalina works well in enhancing the rich flavor of a Pop’s pizza, though Pop’s pizza is so excellent, I could do without French or Catalina.

It was on Friday that Elaine, my sister-in-law, told me about National Pizza Day, and then on Saturday, Steven, my friend, reminded me about it.

I have enough Pop’s pizza leftovers that I may have two slices on Sunday night to celebrate National Pizza Day.

What will you order on National Pizza Day?

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