Breaking the pandemic pizza ban 2 pizzas at a time


In March 2020, I came up with a self-imposed restaurant pizza ban because of the coronavirus pandemic.

I was prepared to go a long, long time without eating the best food on earth.

No takeout. No pickup. No delivery. Not even frozen pizza from the store.

I was afraid to order from my favorite pizza places. Living in quarantine, I might pick up something else besides pizza.

But on May 2, when I was out and about for the first time in weeks, I changed my attitude. Nothing to fear. My ban was silly. It was time to get back to enjoying the pizza life.

So on that day, after Patty and I checked out the property in D’Iberville where my daughter and her Northshore family will live, I called Pop’s Pizzeria in Biloxi to order my favorite pizza: A large meatball with double cheese.

When we got there, we had to stay in our car to pay for the pizza and have it brought to us in a takeout box. The dining room was yet to reopen.

Hey, no problem. I usually don’t eat pizza inside a restaurant and never outside a restaurant, the latter because I hate Al Fresco.

After we got home, the picture I took of the whole pizza on May 2, which was the 98th anniversary of my mother’s birthday in Chicago, didn’t look good.

The photo of the slice above is nice and bright because of my new filtering app. Oh, and the pizza itself was excellent. In fact, it’s rare that I’ve ever had a Pop’s pizza that was less than excellent.

It was my first pizza since February, ending the longest time I’ve gone without it.

Also excellent was the large pepperoni with double cheese pizza we got for takeout on May 22 from Brooklyn Pizzeria, which is near our house in Gulfport.

When I called to order, I was told it would be ready in 45 minutes to an hour. I was OK with that.

About 40 minutes later, I went inside the restaurant, because covid dining room restrictions have been lifted, and quite a few folks were standing around and waiting for their orders.

It was a busy Friday night in Brooklyn, and that was understandable. Many people were feeling better about the virus and they were eager to get out after being cooped up for so long. Plus, that Friday was the run-up to the Memorial Day weekend.

While I waited, I took some pictures inside the restaurant. A few of them showed covid precautions and one was funny and had nothing to do with the virus.

After waiting 20 minutes in Brooklyn, I got our pizza, took it home and got the kind of picture I wanted after we went to Pop’s weeks earlier. I got a decent picture worth sharing and it’s right here:

It’s time for me to think about where I’ll get my next pizza. Based on their Instagram account, it just might be New York Pizza in beautiful Pascagoula.

Featured image credit goes to Canva.

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