What do you think of The Hut?


I came up with a post about Pizza Hut on the Give Pizza A Chance Facebook page, the New Orleans Pizza Lovers Society Facebook page and the Give Pizza A Chance Twitter on Dec. 1, and it included the fine-looking photo at the top of this quality article.

The other night we had Pizza Hut at our house for the first time in a long time. I’m not a Pizza Hut fan, but our 8-year-old grandson outvoted me. What do you think of the Hut? I welcome your answers and would like to publish them in a blog post.

I failed to point out on social media that one of the reasons I was outvoted by Wade is that my wife, Patty, bought the pizza, which was pepperoni with double cheese. Many thanks to Patty for the pizza and I didn’t sulk about being outvoted. The two slices I had were good.

Patty ordered from one of the oldest Pizza Huts on the Mississippi Coast. It’s the one on Courthouse Road near Pass Road in Gulfport, not too far from our house, and I had a friend who managed it for a while after he received his political science degree from the University of Southern Mississippi back in the mid-1970s.

I’m thankful for all the Facebook and Twitter responses and now I’m ready to share them with you.

Eleanor Larroux: “The only pizza I don’t like is that thick chewy kind that’s more crust than topping. The truth? I think the best pizza I’ve had is the breakfast pizza at Whole Foods in Huntsville. When they take it out of the oven, they paint it with melted pepper jelly. Yummola!!!!!”

Eleanor Larroux: “Oh, yeah, the Hut is fine if the crust is thin and crunchy.”

Lauren LaFitte: “For the big delivery chains, they’re pretty good. Not my first choice, but I wouldn’t turn it down. I enjoyed when they made their pretzel crust and the honey sriracha sauce, but that is long gone.”

Todd Kirby: “To me, they’ve always had the best thin crust mushroom pizza around.”

Steven Pluff: “Meh. Last good pizza I had was at Ali Al Salem Air Base in Kuwait at a place called 6Pazzi.”

Paul Hampton: “I’ve never had food poisoning delivered by The Hut.”

NEPA Pizza Review: “Pizza Hut, awful pizza but some Book-It nostalgia as well as a fond recollection of the all-you-can-eat buffet. Value was the name of the game for being there. A free personal pan or eat as much as possible. Not about quality.”

Nita Mortillaro Duhe: “Haven’t had it in years, but the crust looks too thick and doughy and the cheese looks like a thick sheet.”

Kevin Bergeron: “My favorite of the fast-food pizzas, as I call them.”

Vinson J. Serio: “Thanks for putting the thought within me to try Pizza Hut shortly; whereas, we eat pizzas frequently, we have not had a Pizza Hut pizza in over a decade or more.”

Vince Liberto: “Yes! Definitely, surprisingly good, at a better price than the rest of the fast-food pizzas. Great to have while watching a game.”

I love the interaction and would appreciate more responses to my Pizza Hut question, but before I go, I would like to know what you think about this picture of deliciousness.

That’s the sausage with double cheese pizza I thoroughly enjoyed at Tower of Pizza in Metairie on Monday, 12-9-19.

It was my first trip to Tower of Pizza, and to celebrate the moment, I sent the picture to my daughter’s iPhone and she said, “I wish I could’ve captured Wade’s face when I showed him your pizza.”

Yeah, Wade was amazed, just like I was when he told me Tower of Pizza sounds like the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

It does, and I never thought of that. You know, you can learn from grandkids.

So how do I wrap this up? Let’s see. Tower of Pizza has my vote and Wade’s vote. That’s what I’m talking about.

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