One tweet, one writer, 33 spots in 8 days eating pizza in New Orleans


Matt Haines tweeted last weekend that “Saturday was my second-to-last day trying #pizza in my quest to find the Top 5 in #NewOrleans. I’ve tried 33 spots in 8 days as part of my Top 5-04 series for @verylocalnola, in which I create Top 5 lists for my favorite topics in the 504.”

Dang, 33 spots in eight days and more to go. Is Haines getting paid to do NOLA pizza research or is he getting free NOLA pizza? Did he have NOLA pizza for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and a snack? No matter the answer, I would sign up for his job because marinara runs in my veins.

Haines, a freelance writer, said on Twitter that Very Local NOLA will publish his Top 5 pizza piece this week and I look forward to reading about his picks because I’ve had many slices in a lifetime of trips to New Orleans from my home in Gulfport, Miss., and perhaps his list will direct me to places I would like to check out.

I hope Tower of Pizza on Veterans in Metairie makes Haines’ Top 5 because it’s one of my favorites, though I’ve been just once. The picture at the top of this post shows the Tower of Pizza pizza I got on Dec. 9, 2019, back when times were really fun.

I enjoy reading about pizza almost as much as I do eating pizza, which means the article could be my Easter Week highlight. I prefer pizza over Peeps.

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