The birthday present wrapped in pizza paper


The site right now is wonkier than Willy and the Chocolate Factory, even with WordPress upgrades and a domain name renewal hours earlier.

I bet all of this is happening because I established a goofy deadline for my one September pizza post three hours before the month ends.

So, with that measly and pathetic quota to meet, I’m writing a micro blog article. You know, sort of like Boing Boing. Five or six grafs and send the copy. Get it out, though this won’t get Boing Boing eyes.

Wade’s birthday party was Sunday, 9-27-20, in D’Iberville, Miss., Wade being our 9-year-old grandson, and one of the many highlights was the sight of a present wrapped in pizza paper. It was in a chair in a corner of his parents’ dining room, where there were a lot of other gifts from friends and family.

It was the first time I’ve seen pizza wrapping paper. Since the design and the colors pop out, I took a picture and made it the featured image for the post.

And, in case you’re wondering, the party also featured real pizza. Three kinds. Four of them. All large. From Pop’s in Biloxi. The best on the Coast.


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