How do you break your pizza-eating slump?

We like to think we give expert advice about pizza.

This post isn’t about that. Sure, pizza is the best food of all time, but we go through slumps. Pizza-eating slumps.

No, we’re not writing about weeks or months without pizza. We’re writing about weeks or months with eating mediocre pizza, pizza not up to the high standards we expect.

Question of the day: How do you break your pizza-eating slump? We would like to hear from you. We need your help.

These are the last times we had really good pizza.


Those are two of the many delectable pizzas at a Gulfport pizza beach party for Biloxi Catholic schoolmates from more than 50 years ago, as in 1968. The ordering of the pizza from Brooklyn at Hardy Court was an improv move around 7 pm because the party plan didn’t include food. After the pickup at Brooklyn, there was a stop at Walmart for the requisite bottles of French Dressing and Catalina to go with the pizza.

AT HOME, MAY 29, 6:30 PM

More Brooklyn. Brooklyn’s finest: pepperoni with extra cheese. We should have stayed with Brooklyn. It was our last Brooklyn going into summer.

OK, now the pizza-eating slump begins.


Red Baron pizza melt: we thought it looked good right out of the oven. It wasn’t good right when we tasted it. It was never right. It was never good. It was probably the biggest abomination and lowest point in the slump.

AT HOME, JULY 10, 8:41 PM

An hour wait for takeout at the kids casino in Biloxi on a Saturday at dinner time. Kids might like the pizza. We’re not kids. A one-minute wait would have been far too long to suffer in silence the disappointment we had after we brought it home.

AT HOME, JULY 18, 6:30 PM

It looks like Chicago deep dish. The box says it’s a deep dish. Really, it’s not Chicago deep dish. Not even close, and the marinara on top of the pizza, on top of the cheese, was a first for us and we hope it’s the last for us, just like Red Baron pizza melt and Biloxi kids casino pizza.

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