When your free slice of pizza is the size of a coin


Sunday, 2-9-20, was National Pizza Day and I had no plans to observe the celebration until I saw a young man giving away slices of pizza before the start of the ‘tit Rex Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans.

I was at the corner of St. Claude and St. Roch in the Marigny, and at 4:30 p.m., I spotted the guy carrying his pizza contraption and offering free slices.

I never got his name, but I have given him one: Le Petit Pizza Guy.

The slices were the size of a coin.

Not a penny. Not a nickel. Not a dime. More like a quarter.

The slices represented the humorous spirit of the parade, ‘tit short for petite because the floats are tiny creations and children think they are toys their parents can buy at Target.

Doug MacCash of nola.com wrote that “the Lilliputian parade included commentary on the Hard Rock Hotel collapse.” BTW, that’s my photograph and not his.

If you think you can take quick iPhone pictures of the floats, try these steps: Wait for a lull, clear a path from the sidewalk to the street, kneel in the middle of the street for the close-ups and then get the heck out of the way.

I wish I had taken a picture of the petite pizza I got from Le Petit Pizza Guy, but the dough-so-good slice was out of my right hand and right in my mouth long before I got my iPhone out of my coat pocket.

At least I took an iPhone photo of Le Petit Pizza Guy before he went on his merry way across St. Claude. Once the parade was in progress, I saw him again on Music Street. More people were getting the unique pizza coins as I walked toward the Mississippi River in search of the place where my black SUV was parked.

I’ve been thinking about the pizza coins ever since I found my SUV and got back home, and I’ve come up with my own name for them.

They are similar to doubloons.

My name: Doughbloons.

Featured image: An imagining of how to market Le Petit Pizza Guy courtesy of Canva.

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