Quizno’s muffs it in one of the worst ways

Quizno's calls this a muffuletta.

We know the muffuletta is not a pizza, but it is one of our favorite sandwiches and it is in the Italian family of foods, so it is connected to pizza.

Quizno’s has come up with their version of the muffuletta, the new Big Easy muffuletta, and we would never invite their sandwich to join the Italian family of foods.

The national chain muffed the muffuletta like a colossally bad fumbled punt.

A snip from NFL Muffed Punts on Highlight Heaven, a YouTube channel.

All Quizno’s had to do was make a sandwich. Whooooops. This is awful: 1/3 pound of ham, salami and capicola, melted provolone, red onions, Italian olive salad, lettuce and tomato with yellow mustard on a toasted round focaccia roll. Yellow mustard from I Am the Walrus.

Somebody needs to change the name of the sandwich to the Big Queasy.

None of the best muffulettas have yellow mustard, red onions, lettuce and tomato, and the muffuletta is on muffuletta bread, not a focaccia roll.

The only good thing we can say about the Quizno’s Big Easy muffuletta is that its time is limited.

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