Would you like a slice of pickles?


I drove to New York Pizza in Pascagoula back in May to order two of the restaurant’s pickle slices and a large pepperoni pizza with double cheese, all for takeout.

At home in Gulfport, Patty and I thought the pickles in the slices were crunchy, crispy, salty, thin and very, very good. Just thinking of the slice right now, I would ask for Ranch dressing as a dipping sauce to go with it.

The pepperoni pizza, below, was very, very, very good and it made me wonder if the restaurant would do a mashup of a pickle and pepperoni pizza with a cup of pickle juice on the side.

If I can ever get a pizza with both pepperoni and pickles, my dessert would be the Archie McPhee dill pickle mints.

New York Pizza is at 2415 Market St. south of Highway 90 and is in a building that might have been a Pizza Hut in a previous life.

I took a photo of the signage to let you know that if you see the Statue of Liberty on Market Street in Pascagoula, you’re at the right place. It’s the landmark representing the freedom to order all the pickle pizzas you want.

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