What is your favorite pandemic pizza?


Pandemic pizza.

Not pan pizza. Not panne. Not panini. Not Panera. Not panic pizza.

Well, maybe panic pizza.

But for the purposes of this fine piece of high-quality food writing, I’m writing about pandemic pizza.

That’s the pizza you’ve been getting since the coronavirus outbreak. It can be takeout or delivery from a restaurant or frozen pizza you bought at the store or any other places that have pizza.

I may ride out this crisis before I get my next pizza. I’ve lost my appetite for pizza. Corona anxiety is crippling my hunger for tasty crust, pepperoni and cheese. Lots of cheese and extra red sauce.

I guess I could look at this meme for the next two weeks in hopes of my pizza hunger coming back.

My last pizza was takeout at Mama DeLuca’s in Gulfport on Saturday, 2-29-20, when all seemed right in the world.

What say you? Are you going to wait or are you hoarding pandemic pizza and eating more than your share of slices?

If you’re eating pandemic pizza, what’s your favorite place to get one and what are your go-to toppings?

Let me know. Please and thank you.

Image credits: Canva and Imgflip

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